Calando's deep experience in drug delivery engineering makes RONDEL possible. Calando's specific-sized proprietary nanoparticles allow drugs to be delivered effectively instead of breaking down or being eliminated by the body.

RONDEL™ for siRNA Delivery

Years of research leading to clinical breakthroughs.

We are creating and developing new targeted, siRNA-containing therapeutics using our proprietary three part RNAi/Oligonucleotide Nanoparticle Delivery (RONDEL) technology, the foundation of which is our cyclodextrin-containing polymer.

One of the key challenges to using RNAi therapy has been the inability to systemically deliver siRNA in humans. "Naked" siRNA is degraded and destroyed by nucleases in the bloodstream and is not taken up by cells. It also causes harmful immune reactions.

With our RONDEL system, siRNA is protected by our cyclodextrin-containing polymers and thus can reach its destination and perform its intended job, for example, to stop the runaway growth of tumor cells. By encapsulating the siRNA, RONDEL also protects the body from the immune reactions caused by naked siRNA.

Pending successful clinical testing, RONDEL provides an enabling technology for siRNA-based therapeutics to become effective disease treatments.

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