• 07/26/11
    Calando Research Announces Oncology Expert Timothy J. Triche to Join Calando Scientific Advisory Board Read
  • 06/21/11
    Calando Research to Present at Two Nanomedicine-Focused Events in London Read
  • 04/27/11
    Calando Research Announces RNAi Leader John J. Rossi, PH.D. to Join Calando Scientific Advisory Board Read
  • 01/18/11
    Calando Increases Investment in RNAi Subsidiary Calando Pharmaceuticals Read
  • 09/29/10
    Calando Ceo Provides Update on Company Strategy and Milestone Achievements Read
  • 09/23/10
    Calando Increases Ownership in RNAi Subsidiary Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Read
  • 04/05/10
    White Paper – CALAA-01 Results Show Delivery Technology to Meet Critical Need in RNAi Therapeutics, Putting Calando in Position to Monetize Asset. Read
  • 03/22/10
    Press Release – Calando Research Subsidiary, Calando Pharmaceuticals, Provides First Proof of RNA Interference in Humans with Systemically Administered siRNA Therapeutic; Clinical Trial Results Published in Nature. Read
  • 03/21/10
    Caltech-led Team Provides Proof in Humans of RNA Interference Using Targeted Nanoparticles. Read
  • 04/11/09
    Press Release – Calando Subsidiary Calando Pharmaceuticals Expands Board of Directors. Read
  • 06/23/09
    Press Release – Calando Subsidiary Calando Pharmaceuticals Enters into License Agreement with Cerulean Pharma Inc. Read
  • 08/12/08
    Press Release – Calando Pharmaceuticals Publishes New Results of siRNA Delivery Using Its Rondel™ Technology In Sepsis. Read
  • 10/23/08
    Press Release – Calando Pharmaceuticals Announces Completion of IT-101 Phase 1 Clinical Study. Read
  • 10/07/08
    Press Release – Calando Patent Issues For Active Ingredient of Lead siRNA Drug Candidate. Read
  • 09/15/08
    Press Release – Calando Pharmaceuticals Announces Next siRNA Therapeutic Candidate for Oncology. Read
  • 06/02/08
    Press Release – Calando Pharmaceuticals Doses First Patient In siRNA Phase I Clinical Trial. Read
  • 05/13/08
    Press Release – Calando Granted Broad Patent rights to RNAi Technology in China. Read
  • 04/24/08
    Press Release – Calando Receives FDA Approval for Phase I Clinical Trial Using a Targeted siRNA Nanoparticle Therapeutic. Read
  • 03/13/08
    Press Release – Calando files IND for siRNA nanoparticle therapeutic in oncology. Read