Combined with a safe and effective delivery method, RNAi-based treatments for life threatening and fatal diseases like cancer, AIDS, hepatitis C, Huntington's disease and others become possible.

About Calando

Company Overview

Calando is a clinical stage nanobiotechnology company at the forefront of RNAi therapeutics. We develop nanoparticle therapeutics that use our patented sugar (cyclodextrin)-based polymer technologies as a drug delivery system for siRNA.

Our products are based on pioneering technology invented in the Chemical Engineering Department of the California Institute of Technology. Engineered to reduce the debilitating effects of cancer treatment, our proprietary molecules are designed to improve the safety and efficacy of cancer therapeutics using siRNA as the active ingredient. The target-agnostic platform technology has the potential to be applied to a wide range of diseases beyond cancer as well as to therapeutic classes beyond siRNA therapeutics.

In 2009, we successfully completed a Phase 1 clinical study with our first anti-cancer drug and therapeutic candidate, IT-101. IT-101, along with Calando's drug delivery platform, Cyclosert™, now is partnered for further development to Cerulean Pharma Inc.

In the Clinic

We are focused on the clinical development of RONDEL™, our siRNA delivery technology, and CALAA-01, the associated drug candidate.

RONDEL, which overcomes the significant hurdles to efficient, systemic delivery of siRNA, features many benefits:

  • Repeat dosing with no indication of significant, dose-limiting immune reactions.
  • Efficient, targeted delivery proven animal models.
  • Proven to overcome the extra- and intra-cellular barriers to siRNA delivery.
  • Scaled and manufactured for clinical use.

CALAA-01 entered the clinic in April 2008. To our knowledge, this was the first entry into a Phase I clinical study of fully formulated and targeted of a siRNA drug candidate targeting cancer.

We completed the Phase I trial and commenced a short Phase 1b study in August 2011 to find out if we can increase the therapeutic window for CALAA-01 even further by simply changing the dosing schedule.

Exploring Opportunities

In addition to our therapeutic pipeline, our patented and proprietary delivery systems have utility in multiple application areas. As a result, we are exploring opportunities to combine our innovative technologies with companies that require delivery solutions.

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